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Get clear, get motivated, get going…

once you start to understand your business from the inside out.

Business is simple....

Once you start to understand your business from the inside out.

You will feel real confidence while you are talking about your awesome idea to your customers, suppliers and your ever growing audience.

You will build strong, supportive relationships with your contemporaries, collaborators and even your competition, so you can always find the best advice to keep yourself ahead of the pack

KiN is your new business family.

KiN are about the people and not the business.

We want your business to succeed, we want you to be a success, so we put our time and effort into helping you. We work with business owners to make the most of their natural gifts and act as business sherpas to help guide and shoulder the load of climbing the business mountain.

We use science backed methods to change behaviour in business owners - change the patterns that might have been helpful in the past but are now holding you back

Latest thoughts, insights and stuff from KiN


Good business is built on good relationships

We have 3 programmes for ambitious business owners at every stage of your journey

KiNsiders is the business support group that you have always wanted.

A group of super supportive business mates, regular virtual workshops, personal guidance and a cheering section like you wouldn’t believe!

Always on your side, always fresh content and always keeping you accountable to the best possible you.


Nobody can build a business completely on their own.

Coaching can help you keep your focus on the important stuff and ensure you stay on top of your game.

Using the latest in coaching technology, we will make sure that you get the coaching you want as well as the coaching you need.

It all starts with you.


This is for business owners who want to step out of the day-to-day, focusing on their business’s long-term success.

We have a toolbox full of fun and engaging processes to help you get a crystal clear perspective on how your business is performing.

We will work with you to create strategy and tactics so you can get the best out of yourself …and your team.


Running a business is really bloody hard.

KiN will help you find a gang who understands this, and will have your back 100%