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Business is simple. Business is about relationships.Relationships are about people.

Our Business is All About You!

KiN is about the people and not just their 'businesses'.

Having someone in your corner can make a massive difference.

We will help you get the advice, guidance and tools to help you fall back in love with your business.

In a world where everyone is telling you what to do and, how to do it... we kinda do the opposite.

Our process is built around you feeling more in control of your own business by helping you capitalise on what you already know.

...building your confidence, enhancing your skills, improving your results...

...at the right speed for you, in the right way - For YOU.

We work with Business Owners to make the most of their natural gifts

You can think of us as Business Sherpa's. We can show you the way up the mountain and help you with your luggage, but you will have to do the climbing yourself

We utilise science backed methods

We utilise science backed methods

We use proven science-backed methods to install effective habits in business owners that massively improve their results.

We offer workshops, coaching & consultancy

We offer workshops, coaching & consultancy

Kin are about the people not just the business. If you invest in the people in your business, your investment is MUCH more effective and returns on that investment are massive

We provide Support & Solutions

We provide Support & Solutions

As well as direct help, we can help you find freelancers, suppliers and sub-contractors from our vast business network. ..and maybe even a customer or two

Working with over 1000 businesses of all types...

We have worked with brand new businesses, people with ideas, people with literally no idea, big businesses and everything in-between. Our way works, on every level.

Need Our Help?

come and meet the a-team

KiN are about the people, as well as the businesses.

Workshops, Coaching, Mentoring, Peer Support, Product/Service Launch or helping you find a freelancer – We invest in YOU.


Neil has dedicated two decades bringing sensational innovation to businesses. He has won a national award for film making, is a published author, a public speaker about branding, social media & how to build thriving businesses from the inside out.

Following a 15 year career in professional dance, film & unprofessional comedy, Neil retired from performing & has since spent two decades bringing sensational innovations to businesses helping them to grow, expand & thrive by turning their ideas into money.

Based in Manchester, Neil specialises in the creation & implementation of seamless marketing & sales systems that bring together the best of digital, social media and traditional sales practises that move businesses to profit from their intellectual property, brand value and, in-house know how

A qualified business analyst, experienced coach & engaging presenter he has worked with hundreds of clients of all sizes including British Telecom, & guest lectures on Brand & Digital Enterprise at many universities & Business Schools across the North of England. Neil was CEO of Story Creative Industries Centre in Lancaster & has helped a range of businesses flourish both in the UK & internationally.


James has been supporting businesses and Social Enterprises for more than 15 years. Much like a 17th Century Baker, he picked up these very particular skills by apprenticing with his mum who had decided that enough was enough and that he needed a proper job.

James met Neil working at MMU in Manchester where their combined talents helped to create and hone a £4million ERDF contract that supported more than 400 businesses. They realised that they both cared more about the business owners than the contract outputs and they knew they could do more and achieve better for less money.

James spent his 20’s and 30’s working in London at a series of Charities and non-profits exploring how small businesses could transform the lives of young people at risk of offending or having just been released from custody.

As well as a mostly functioning T-shirt business, James helped bring to life a street food start-up selling £10 burgers to bankers. The lure of working with convicted criminals too strong to resist, James spent several years working in different prisons within the North of England witnessing natural entrepreneurial talent being wasted behind bars & being shown the many varied ways to make hooch out of seemingly innocent ingredients.

Running a business is really bloody hard.

KiN will help you find a gang who understands this, and will have your back 100%