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We offer Support, Solutions & Mentoring in a variety of different flavours.

If you are stuck and don’t want to be, call now!

You want a business that will change your life. We get that...

All businesses have challenges...

Knowing who to turn to for help can be confusing

The internet is full of advice, information and more gurus than you can shake a stick at.

We are not Gurus...we just help you get out of your own way.

Our way works.

We have had amazing successes with the hundreds of businesses we have have worked with.

We would love to help you save time effort and money showing you what actually works.

We work with Business Owners to make the most of their natural gifts

We act like Business Sherpas

We can show you the way and shoulder some of your luggage, but you will do the climbing yourself.

We utilise science backed methods

We utilise science backed methods

We help business owners to get the best out of themselves, by using methods backed by proven scientific research.

We are published academics, regularly teach at business schools and have written a practical B.Sc Start Up degree.

Dont' be just be blinded by our good looks and humour

We offer workshops, coaching & mentoring

We offer workshops, coaching & mentoring

Kin are about the people as well as the business.

By investing time, training and attention in your people, you can make your business more agile and effective.

Investment in people, creates more ROI.

We can provide connection & referrals

We can provide connection & referrals

By using our massive network of businesses of all sizes, we can help put you in touch with other people like you, reputable suppliers and other people who can help.

We know relationships with people you can trust are important and by working with us you can get access to some guaranteed legends!

Need Our Help?

We will work with you

KiN are about the people, not the businesses.

We will work with you to identify the problem and help unpick the solution from inside your very own brain


Our KiNsiders Community is the support network you have always wanted

This is for business owners who are feeling the overwhelm, tired of feeling like they are merely grinding and desire to:


Time to accelerate and build your brand, your customer base, and your profitability.

For business owners who feel like they have been going around in circles and:


For business owners who want to step out of the day-to-day, focusing on long term success for their business

You want to  scale your business, need to step out of the day-to-day and get some outside support to have:

Running a business is really bloody hard.

KiN will help you find a gang who understands this,and will always have your back 100%