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So…we kind of combined those things to help you learn, grow and start changing your motherf*cking life…
Oh yeah…not for the faint-hearted ( – read this with a sense of humor)

Its either a Hell Yes or a Fuck No…

It seems simple when you start a business. You need customers…..yesterday. So out you go and and chase down any lead that comes your way, hit people up with at least 7 (cos that’s the magic number, apparently) touch points before you accept the no, network your ass off and just keep hitting the public
It Solution

Marketing tips for early-stage startups

James McCann seasoned CEO, speaker, and advisor to early-stage businesses, today announced the publication of Startups & The Tech Revolution.

How agencies can prepare for the future with AI

The pandemic has had ramifications for many companies, creating uncertain futures for businesses as they work to innovate and adapt to the "new normal."
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Running a business is really bloody hard.

KiN will help you find a gang who understands this, and will have your back 100%