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Avoid Doing Business The Hard Way- A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Avoid Doing Business The Hard Way
How To Avoid Doing Business The Hard Way

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Avoid Doing Business The Hard Way - A Guide For Entrepreneurs

Are you doing business the hard way?

I would put a large cash bet on the fact that you probably are.

Building a business by yourself can be lonely, soul-crushing work.  It can be hard trying to change the world on our own.

Even if your business is not in the typical ‘world-changing’ arena, then one world you can guarantee you will be changing is your own.

Almost nobody talks about this but..

Starting a business changes everything, how we earn money, how we operate in the world, how we see the world…and even how we see ourselves.

Attempting to do this without help is doing business the hard way.

The Easier Way of Running a Business

No truly successful business has ever been created by one person.  Jobs had Wosniak, Gates had Allen, Burke had Hare etc, the list is endless.

Here is the thing, in the 20 years I have been working with entrepreneurs, over 85% have tried to do things on their own.

The hard way.

Life is busy, complex and overwhelming.

At the beginning of our business life we run into things we have never seen before…EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Usually, when these things happen, we realise that we do need a little help, or a second opinion, or some outside input. YAY!

So we make a simple, yet understandable mistake.

We turn to our partners for support, because they love us, we think that they will be on our side and will be helpful.

We think wrong.

Most of our partners are not skilled or experienced in business (or even supporting people properly – sadly), so they do what they think they should – point out all the things we are doing wrong in the hope that helps in some way.

Many business owners, especially business owners who are women often have a hyper-critical partner who offer what they think is advice, but, in actual fact, is just criticism.

Bleak, hurtful, enraging criticism, poorly gift-wrapped as ‘help’ of some kind.

Which makes things worse.

So not only does our business have daily, super hard challenges, but we start to feel resentful at our life partner for not understanding what we are enduring and not having faith in us to be able to solve it.

Please Take Our Advice.

If you love your partner and your relationship, never ask them for advice in your business.

Find better, more knowledgeable help.

All Support Is Not Created Equal

In the same way we need different kinds of weather to make food grow, we need different kind of support to help us grow as entrepreneurs.

Humans are complicated creatures, we like acceptance and unwavering support – but not too much…or we go soft. And, we like challenge and accountability – but not too much or we go stabby and incommunicative. …or is that just me?

The truth of the matter is:

ALL business owners need two separate and distinct types of support – AND THEY CANNOT BE THE SAME PEOPLE.

We recommend you arrange individuals or groups that fall into the following two separate groups…

TYPE 1 - People to help you keep positive when things don’t go as you hoped

(Carrot Team – *support & rescue*)

These are your people who will ALWAYS be on your side.

They will throw an arm around your shoulder and tell you that you are right, you are doing all the right things and that if the world doesn’t understand, or appreciate you, then its the world’s damn fault.

They are 100% supportive and hype you up any chance they get.  They are ‘Team YOU’ and they get you, what you are doing and aren’t afraid to show it.

They listen to your woes and then pump you the fuck up

Type 2 - People to keep you accountable

(Stick Team – *Improving Performance*)

These are the people who refuse to accept excuses, and help keep you on time, on task and on budget.  They are ruthless in helping you keep your word to yourself.


Ever wonder why all elite athletes have coaches?

They help you create spectacular performances, by improving technique and being an outside eye, to minimise backsliding, excuse-making and focusing too much on the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Supervision produces Super Results

dictionary definition of supervision

The truly odd fact is that supervision produces results in both the carrot and stick areas.

In fancy scientific terms, it is called the Hawthorne Effect, which describes the fact that, when we feel we are being observed, our performance improves.

It is undeniably the reason why essays are done the week/night before, weight watchers exists and we slob out on the couch when we think nobody is watching.

But also…

The reason why we flourish is when we feel seen and appreciated and are much bolder when we know that someone has got your back.

And supervision is difficult to do to ourselves.

The sad fact is that you need a boss…kinda

Not to tell you what to do, but to enforce YOU telling you what to do.

To help you avoid doing business the hard way.

We both help in both of those areas and I would put a million-dollar bet on the fact you have neither.

The good news is, this is a cheap and easy thing to fix.

Sometimes it is difficult to know where to find your squad…so we thought we would help with that.

You could check out our KiNsiders community

A group of super supportive business mates, regular virtual workshops, personal guidance and a cheering section like you wouldn’t believe!

Always on your side, always fresh content and always keeping you accountable to the best possible you.

People we worked with in 2023 successfully designed and launched new products, won business awards and increased their income significantly.

So, do yourself a favour and give yourself the best possible chance of making 2024 a year you want to have…get some help

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